Sunday, November 1, 2009


Colors Of Honor is a Blog dedicated to all those who have served and are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
It is also a tribute to the men and woman who have sacrificed their lives and also have paid the ultimate sacrifice. May God bless them and God bless America.

Semper Fi to all fellow Marines and a salute to all members of the U.S Armed Forces.

Many of our brave young men are away from home. Dont forget them and always show your support for them.


BLW said...

Just so you know, its still Christmas,start writing its the best thing you can do for them. These men and women deserve better than what they are getting from our fearless leader. Crank it up and drive on, that mans a disgrace to this country the more who say the more who will hear it. If you have a chance check out, you might like it. Good luck, Bernie from

COLORS Of Honor said...

Hey Bernie good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. Keep up the good work my friend. I am watching and waiting to see what happens with them three Navy Seals that are going to have a court martial over some terrorist who claims they hit him.

This really ticks me off. It's like they have rights, and they are the one's who have declared war on us.

Simply Reaganesque said...

First I want to THANK YOU for your service. Then I want to THANK YOUR FAMILY for lending you to us the American People, their sacrifice is great.

Keep writing and your blog will grow like a weed. I'll be looking forward to your postings. I got your link from Bernie who mentioned yours and mine on a post today.

On another note the rules of engagement are rediculous. They should be ashamed. But this current administration has no shame. I'll add you to my Blog Roll.

COLORS Of Honor said...

Thank You my friend and fellow American. I appreciate your post and your time.

To all those serving in the Armed Forces and to those who support them. We all share the same uniform, we all bear the same stipe.

Over the years I have heard so much garbage, and it is and was garbage. Garbage such as we in the military are baby killers, War mongers, Hired killers, and yet we have a so-called professor who in the 60's was nothing but a low life terrorist and went around bombing state buildings, even the pentagon, and yet today he is a professor and still refuses to apologize. Then we have Janet Napolitano who earlier this year was concerned that many veterans may become home grown terrorists.
But no mention of the Professor.

We had a young celebrity who in the 60's coined the phrase baby killers and shouted it with joy and arrogance in Hanoi while Fathers and Mothers here in America who had young men who were their babies dying in the Nam. Giving their lives for people in South Viet Nam who wanted to live like we do in America. But of course it wasn't looked at this way. We were the aggressors, we are the war mongers. This is the mind set that grows and festers like mold.

There was never a mention of what and how brutal the opposing side was. There was never a mention of the brutal murder that took place of the many Vietnamese people who were slaughtered for wanting a better life, A free Life. Fathers, Mothers, daughters, babies at the hand of the V.C. and the NVA. There was never a mention because they were not there. They do not know or have the slightest clue of what really took place.

With their disdain and reckless manner they have ruined a generation with their lies and hatred.

Let me put it this way to all those who think we are war mongers. If we would have never gone to Viet-Nam. How many vietnamese would be in this country today?

If we would have never gone to Kuwait. Where would Kuwait be today, and some others in the mid-
east? Let me ask you who always condemn the troops, because when you condemn America you condemn the Armed Forces...Were we right in going to Kuwait? Or should we have not got involved at all? How about Viet-Nam?

Iraq. The spots and blemishes cry foul. Where is the wmd? There is no wmd. We shouldn't be here. But the Hussein Regime over decades murders thousands.

So to the troops I have this to say to you. Be proud, and wear that uniform with pride and honor. Dont listen to the garbage. We weren't and you are not baby killers, you are not war mongers. No matter where you are at in combat just remember you are doing a service to many people who will always be grateful for your sacrifice and You will also be hammered by the spots and blemishes but always remember that you are contributing to humanity and you may never meet them or know of them, but hell man, we are not looking for the pat on the back we're looking for Victory over a power driven force that has no regard for life and wants to rule over people...

We the people that truely love this country weather it be in the armed forces or those who support us all serve for one purpose. That purpose is "Freedom. Soverenty as a people who chose to live in and for freedom.

Freedom was earned it was not a gift. To keep it we must protect it. You guys in combat today and those of you going this is what you are doing-You are earning it and securing freedom even for the spots and blemishes and for all of us back home..Pass the Baton!

We are a Great Nation and a humble people and dont ever believe otherwise.

Yes War is Hell and terrible and to all of you blind and mis-guided out there just remember that it is the man in uniform who you call a baby killer, war monger, that has paved the way for you to be here in this country.

BLW said...

Hey guy, just to let you know that a web site,, is up and running with a petition trying to get the charges dropped. Check it out, Dan Burton a GOP congressman is pushing it along with 40 other members of congress. Be good, Bernie..........

COLORS Of Honor said...

Ah Great. Thanks Bernie. I was looking but had no luck.

Thank you. I am going over there right now.

COLORS Of Honor said...

This is just a folow up about our Navy Seals who have been put on trial by a terrorist who claims the Seals roughed him up. First of let me stop jumping and down for joy if they did.

I dont know about anybody else but this nonsense just has a really bad smell to it. We are America. We are the United States. We have laws that we should strive to live by. Yes if a murderer, rapist, etc is caught then they get due process of the law. No beating them up, or taking the law into your own hands...etc.

But what we have here is somebody who is a terrorist and a threat to us...America and many others. He has along with his partners Declared "War" on America and has no rights or any due process of law in this Country. However, and this is what is smells so bad.

He is getting rights, more rights than our Armed Forces. My God Man let's say the seals did bloody his lip..(good for them) my question why a Court Martial?

What ever happened to Captain's mass? You go before the CO and he gives maybe 30 days restriction and a fine. But no here, we have 3 facing a Court-Martial?

This stinks, and there has to be a cry throughout this country to get to the bottom of this and restore these 3 seals quickly to there honor and dignity.

No one gets a court martial or the threat of a court martial for giving someone a bloody lip, or black eye. If anyone was ever at a slop-shoot knows this to be true. We got more at times than a bloody lip.

Something has to be done and done fast. It isn't only 3 Navy Seals..this is about the whole armed forces.

This is just another low blow to our military.

COLORS Of Honor said...

A Creed!

"This Is A Poem Being Sent From A
Marine To His Dad"
It Makes You Truly Thankful For
Not Only The Marines, But "ALL" Of Our
We Came Together, Both Young And Old
To Fight For Our Freedom, To Stand And Be
In The Midst Of All Evil, We Stand Our Ground
And We Protect Our Country From All Terror
Peace And Not War, Is What Some People Say.
But I'll Give My Life, So You Can Live The
American Way.
I Give You The Right To Talk Of Your Peace.
To Stand In Your Groups, And Protest In Our
But Still I Fight On, I Don't Complain, I Don't
I'm Just One Of The People, Who Is Doing
Your Time.
I'm Harder Than Nails, Stronger Than Any
I'm The Immortal Soldier, I'm A
So Stand In My Shoes, And Leave From Your
Fight For The People Who Hate You,
With The Protests They've Shown.
Fight For The Stranger, Fight For The Young.
So They All May Have, The Greatest
Freedom You've Won.
Fight For The Sick, Fight For The Poor.
Fight For The Cripple, Who Lives Next Door.
But When Your Time Comes,
Do What I've Done.
For If You Stand Up For Freedom,
You'll Stand When The Fight's Done!
By: Corporal Aaron M. Gilbert,
U.S. Marine Corps
USS Saipan, Persian Gulf

COLORS Of Honor said...


I just wanted to send you a quick update on the status of our brave Navy SEALs. Recently we learned from Petty Officer McCabe's attorney that the defendants still have not been shown any evidence against them. The only explanation for this highly unusual circumstance offered to McCabe's lawyer was that the "evidence was undergoing a security review before being released."

Before the SEALs' trial begins in January, I plan to pursue more answers and push hard for their exoneration.

My recent appearances on Fox News and coverage in countless newspapers and blogs has expanded the reach of our cause and alerted thousands of fellow Americans about the treatment of these Navy SEALs.

As of today, over 29,000 people have signed the petition at

We're searching for as much support as possible before delivering the petition, so please pass this email along to your friends and family so they can support the SEALs as well.

Thanks again for your commitment and I will keep you posted on any updates I receive.

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Dan Burton

Note: If anyone who reading this comment feel's and see's the injustice please take a moment of your time and show your support by clicking the link under links on the sidebar of this blog in red... Take Action!

COLORS Of Honor said...

Well what I am posting today is in painful frustration, deep concern, and just downright anger concerning these 3 Navy Seals who chose a Court-martial rather than CAPT’s MASS or Art 15 because they didn’t believe they would get a fair hearing. Those last 6 words, they didn't believe they would get a fair hearing...As I go over and over that why would 3 seals believe they wouldn't get a fair hearing. These 3 seals captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — for the brutal murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004.

So again, this terrorist is one of the 'most wanted' terrorists! But yet these three Navy Seals of the U.S Armed Forces of America facing a court martial because they feel they wouldn't get a fair shake via CAPT’s MASS or Art 15...Why?

This story as I have kept up with it all state that this terrorist did not say anything to the U.S Military of the alleged punch in the gut or lip and mis-handling...He was turned over to Iraq and then the charges were brought forth against the Seals.

So here we have 3 seals before a jury and are ( we are to) going to listen to a terrorist testify against them ( A terrorist who has been on the most wanted list of terrorists since 2004) on our Soil..our country..the United States Of America bringing charges against 3 men of our Armed Forces.

This is so bizarre that one can only think that this is some lame joke by the presses. I dont know what is going to happen here, but I do know there is a lot of unrest over this and other issues in this country, but this one..this case will open the flood-gates of hell because every terrorist on the planet is watching this to duplicate it. They dont even need a witness.

My concern, You asked what is my concern...Well it is chilling to know that we have people in power who would rather protect the rights of a murdering terrorist/s rather than stand up to a issue that is so Anti-American and harmful to the security of America. This incident will breed more like should be that obvious, Doesn't this make you wonder the mind set of the people who are running this country?

Add that with the Christmas day attempt to blow up a plane only to result in blown up skivvies..thankfully.

Be concerned. Be very Concerned! We're in trouble.

COLORS Of Honor said...

Well Guy's here we have another one of our own 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was handed a 25 year prison sentence later reduced to 20 years for having allegedly murdering a known Al Qaeda operative Ali Mansur.

I am going to leave a few links you can check out, or just put in a google search and you will see that this case like others has that same smell to it.

Our men of Valor, Our men of the US Armed Forces go to trial and get convicted without any evidence. Yet the Al Qaeda Terrorists get lawyered up and even get defended.

(Just read what is going on and you will see what I mean when I say no evidence.)

In my previous post I said to be concerned, be very concerned. Well I will echo that again.

COLORS Of Honor said...

Here A few links in reference to Lt.Michael Behenna.


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